PDP Executive Board of Directors Interest Questionnaire

To qualify as a Director, a person must hold a paid PDP membership and be willing to hold office for three years.

Directors shall reflect a representation of the following community groups: retailers, commercial property owners, hospitality, banks and other financial organizations, education, arts, museums, media, professionals, realtors, residents, churches, social services, or utilities. The past President shall also serve as an ex-officio member of the Board for one year following their Presidency. There shall be only one Director per business or per household.

Potential nominees are required to complete an Executive Board Member Questionnaire and submit the form no later than June 30th. 

Submitted questionnaires will be reviewed by the nomination Committee and the most qualified candidates will be contacted for in-person interviews and invitations to a regular meeting of the Board in September for an introduction to the board. Nominations will be ratified in October at the PDP Annual Membership Meeting by a majority vote. New Board members will begin their 3-year term in January of the following year.

• Thrive with Us •

There's an emotion behind it. It’s seeing shops and menus featuring Arizona products. Historically significant buildings and the downtown square evoke feelings of our collective past. It's enjoying a craft beer or coffee with friends in a place that inspires and invites. It is unique to Downtown Prescott.

Joining the Prescott Downtown Partnership will help preserve what makes Prescott such a special place. In addition, you'll be supported by and connected to the community.